Why 1 Switched To Squarespace

Why I Switched to Squarespace

    As a busy photographer, my days are oftentimes filled amongst shooting, editing, together with client communication. I demand to know that my website is working properly, together with is capable of beingness viewed on whatever computer, or device. When I started the site inwards 2003, I used a computer program called Dreamweaver. Although this was quite effective, at that spot were a few downsides. First, was a lack of mobility. In guild to brand a change, I needed to last at my desktop figurer running the software. Simple pattern changes would last really fourth dimension consuming, together with required a company agreement of closed to of the program's complexities. In addition, a nifty bargain of browser compatibility testing was needed. What worked inwards Firefox did non necessarily piece of occupation inwards Internet Explorer or Safari. Considering how many unlike browsers are used, this was a daunting task.
    I began to search for a solution amongst a spider web based interface. Ideally, this would last equally slow equally updating a blog. Just log inwards from whatever figurer inwards the world, upload the image, add together your photos together with text, together with you're done. Of course of teaching I soundless wanted the might to apace customize the design, together with last confident that it would piece of occupation on whatever computer, browser, together with mobile device. Sounds elementary right? Well, it should be, but at that spot are many spider web based solutions out there. Each ane has pros together with cons. Over the course of teaching of a few months I carefully researched several options earlier making my ultimate decision. I believe the information I flora volition last helpful to those looking to construct their ain website.
Several photographers I honor utilisation Livebooks, together with then I started my inquiry there. All of their websites utilisation Flash technology scientific discipline which most people either dear or hate. It has a sophisticated hold back to it, but tin last terribly ho-hum to load. Also, it does non piece of occupation really good on mobile phones. I tried visiting many of their sites from my iPhone together with received a generic message that said "To persuasion the Flash version of this website yous must last using a Java script enabled browser, together with a Flash plug-in." While at that spot is a link to persuasion the html version of the site, it appears to last a watered downward version of the master copy design. With together with then many people surfing the internet on smart phones, I uncovering this to last a major issue. After giving Livebooks a "one fourth dimension fee" of $3199.00 for a customized site, plus $90 a twelvemonth for hosting, there's a peril that many people volition non last able to access the site due to the limitations of Flash. Livebooks also offers basic predesigned sites for a ane fourth dimension fee of $1199.00 plus an annual $90 hosting fee. You are charged extra for whatever "add-on" features.
    Next I checked out NeonSky. They also stimulate got Flash websites, but they seem to piece of occupation much meliorate on iPhones equally mobile visitors are automatically routed to an HTML version of your site. Their packet is a $350 ane fourth dimension fee, together with $45 per calendar month for hosting. Although this is priced really competitively, they currently exclusively stimulate got ii principal navigation styles to take away from. You tin modify many aspects of these ii styles, but if yous desire to add together to a greater extent than customization similar a splash page or contact form, yous stimulate got to pay a pattern cost of $125 per hour.
    Clickbooqs runs $499 per twelvemonth plus a $99 annual hosting fee. They also stimulate got an selection to brand a ane fourth dimension payment of $1699, plus the annual hosting fee of $99. Like Livebooks together with Neonsky, Clickbooqs is a flash based site together with requires users to stimulate got a java script enabled browser together with a Flash plugin.
   After reading many online consumer complaints well-nigh Bludomain, I apace ruled them out. I also discovered that yous tin non add together caption information amongst Bludomain. This essentially makes their services useless for Photojournalists. They seem to last catering to a greater extent than to marriage photographers who desire music on their homepage.
   I looked into BigFolio together with their computer program for a ane fourth dimension fix fee of $450 together with a monthly hosting accuse of $20. They stimulate got closed to actually nice, elementary templates that allow closed to modifications. Further customization is done past times emailing them for a cost quote. Unlike whatever of the options above, Big Folio offers a "small folio" add-on for people who are browsing amongst an iPhone or iPod touch. It is an extra $49 fee to laid this up.
    Finally, I came across Squarespace through a colleague who was satisfied amongst their services. Adding photos, video together with text tin last done really apace from whatever figurer amongst Internet access. There is no fix fee together with the monthly plans make from $8 a calendar month together with up. They are non Flash based sites together with then everything loads rather quickly. Mobile visitors are able to sense your truthful website's pattern together with functionality.
    Then came the game changing announcement. Squarespace launched an App that gives users total command over their site or spider web log using an iPhone. You tin post, edit, meet your referring links, incoming traffic, together with subscribers. You tin fifty-fifty insert images stored on the phone. It also features ane affect sync capability amongst your desktop computer. You tin outset a post on the road, together with complete it at home. This App is gratis for all Squarespace users.
    Squarespace also offers an first-class spider web log importing tool. This enables yous to import all content from your erstwhile blogger or wordpress spider web log direct into a novel Squarespace blog. I had 450 posts inwards blogger, together with they transferred over without a hitch. This benefits my site's SEO equally all of the spider web log content at ane time falls nether my domain name, rather than closed to 3rd political party spider web log host. No other website service offers this streamlined feature.
    The pattern together with customization of your site is virtually unlimited. You outset past times choosing ane of many templates together with modify it yet yous want. While this does accept a piffling getting used to, the organisation is really user friendly together with requires no HTML or coding experience. Since switching to Squarespace, the number of novel clients I've attracted through the site has increased significantly. Best of all, it saves fourth dimension together with allows me to focus on photography together with business. Whenever I've had questions, their client back upward was really responsive. They are fifty-fifty on twitter, listening inwards existent fourth dimension should yous demand their assistance. Site uptime has been nifty amongst no noticeable ho-hum downs or bottlenecking. For me Squarespace provides a side past times side generation spider web solution that is both affordable together with attractive. They are offering cutting border features that no other spider web hosting fellowship compares to. With a user friendly spider web based interface, SEO benefits, together with existent fourth dimension traffic analysis, I believe Squarespace has quietly positioned themselves equally a leader inwards spider web together with spider web log publishing.


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