Autoresponder Whatsapp Pro 9.3

AutoResponder Whatsapp Pro 9.3

AutoResponder Whatsapp Pro 9.3 APK

AutoResponder Whatsapp Pro 9.3 APK ROOT PERMISSION NEEDED *
This application is NOT subsidiary with WhatsApp™.
It’s an automated assistant for WA.
Is it accurate to say that you are in some cases not by your telephone, but rather need to answer to WhatsApp™ messages? WA Auto Responder does this occupation for you. It will naturally react to predefined messages, which contain a few words or equivalent a message. You can set custom reactions for various messages.
Additionally called “WA Chat Bot”.
• Automate your WA and give programmed answers
• Automatically answers to custom/all WhatsApp™ messages with predefined writings
• Responds if message breaks even with or just contains a few words
• Possibility to set contacts who will get reactions for every message
• Possibility to answer every got message (from all/from single contacts)
• Answer substitutions like %time% for current time
• Add vast reactions for custom messages
• Add different reactions (Send all or an arbitrary one)
• “Answer if message contains” alternative
• “Answer delay” alternative
• “Send Blue Ticks” choice
• Ad-Free
DISCLAIMER: I’m not in charge of any wrong addressed messages and harm that may happens with your gadget or WhatsApp™ account from utilizing this application.
* If you don’t recognize what root is, than you most likely don’t have root. Look the web for “How to root [Your gadget model]”
WhatsApp™ is an enlisted Trademark of WhatsApp Inc.

What’s New:

? Alerts do now show the “Don’t show this again”-checkbox on small devices
? Critical bug fixed
? App crash fixed
? Pause bot while WA is in foreground setting
? Main hidangan UI improved
? More UI improvements
? Permission request fixed
? “Answer if message contains” rules have got higher priority than rules with *
Screenshot AutoResponder Whatsapp Pro 9.3 APK


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