Advanced Download Manager Pro V5.1.2

Advanced Download Manager Pro v5.1.2 APK

Advanced Download Manager Pro v5.1.2 APK

Advanced Download Manager Pro v5.1.2 APK  It is One of the most expert and propelled application administration download.The aktivitas for the Mac impulsivity and speed can be likened with Internet Download Manager on the PC, he said. It’s the decoded record can have higher download speed. The Download Manager is able to do fast to download.
Powerful Downloader for Android:
– downloading from web up to three records all the while;
– quickened downloading by utilizing multithreading (9 sections)
– capture of connections from android programs and clipboard;
– download records in foundation and resume after disappointment;
– loader for pictures, records, files and projects;
– downloading to SD-card for Lollipop and Marshmallow;
– shrewd calculation for expanded speed of downloading;
– downloading just through the web on Wi-Fi;
– help downloader for 2G, 3G and 4G systems;
– changing the most extreme speed continuously;
– video downloader and music downloader;
– continuing of interfered with downloads;
– bolster records bigger than 2 gigabyte;
– parallel download documents in line.
Advanced Settings:
– interface customization and subjects;
– select the organizer for downloaded records;
– distinctive programmed activities subsequent to wrapping up;
– spare distinctive record sorts in various envelopes;
– make an unfilled document to quicken downloading;
– autostop handle if the battery charge level is low;
– import rundown of connections from a content document on SD-card;
– autoresume after mistakes and break of association;
– arranging begin of downloading at ideal time;
– turbo mode for accelerate downloading;
– getting size of record and excellent name;
– reinforcement rundown of downloads and settings;
– profiles for every sort of association;
– programmed operation on timetable;
– bolster speedy autoadd download.
Clean Interface:
– light material plan;
– channel by sorts and status;
– left hidangan with fast choices;
– setting hidangan for simple administration;
– sorting downloads by request, size and name;
– open finished records through most loved applications;
– data about downloading: speed, measure, time;
– bolster delay, continue, restart for downloads;
– production of cutting edge profiles for locales;
– tweaking for each download;
– gadget on home screen.
Extended Notifications:
– symbol with advance and speed in notice board;
– straightforward advance kafetaria on top of all windows;
– finishing warning by sound and vibration.
Worked in ADM Browser:
– support of various tabs;
– rundown of history and bookmarks;
– simple sending record to downloader;
– download mp3 from prevalent chronicles;
– capture of mp4 video from tubes;
– simple downloader for a wide range of records;
– download quickening agent for interpersonal interaction;
– choice “Client Agent” for fraud the program.
Simple control for downloads:
– push on the download to begin/stop the procedure;
– push on the finished download to open the record;
– long press on download to show the setting menu.
Add URL connects in ADM:
– press on connection and from window “Finish activity utilizing” select ADM Editor;
– long push on a connection to show the setting menu, squeeze “Share” or “Send” and from window “Share by means of” select ADM Editor;
– duplicate connection, after aktivitas catch it from clipboard and send in ADM Editor, or utilize “Include” catch and glue the connection.
ADM is the best android download direktur for you!
Advanced Download Manager does not bolster YouTube under the principles.

What’s New

Android 7:
* update notice in Notification Bar
Android 6/7:
* If app does not download in background – disable Power-saving mode (system Settings – Battery, hidangan button “three dots”)
* If app does not open the links in a browser – reset App preferences (system Settings – Apps, hidangan button “three dots”)
Android 5/6/7:
* If app is no longer downloaded to SD-card – select a folder in Settings – Downloading – Folder for files – Access on SD-card
Screenshot Advanced Download Manager Pro v5.1.2 APK 

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